Saturday, April 23, 2016

A little bit of Cuba in Portland

Seems I may have been inadvertently channeling Cuba today at our monthly sketchcrawl.
Comfortably sitting on an opposite corner I was able to try my hand at capturing this iconic building on NE Glisan housing a well loved Cuban restaurant. Love those bright colors. I am told by Jason (who sketched there with James Richards) that is typical of Cuban buildings.

watercolor and non waterproof ink.

 I spent the majority of my time on the above sketch and then headed over to the Zipper. There I joined other sketchers looking across to the Vintage Vendors trying to capture two older model classic cars. Something that I have heard is typically seen in Cuba...maybe not these as they are 50's cars but a feeling of a bygone era was definitively there.

watercolor and ink
So happy the rain held back very nicely to allow for our outside sketching. A very good day!

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