Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cherry Blossoms and the Steel Bridge

Two great sketchcrawl weather days in a row! What luck! I know I probably just jinxed us and we're doomed for rain next time, but today was just a lovely day. The cherry blossoms fluttered all around and everybody was outside. Despite the only once-a-year tree show I couldn't help but sketch another bridge. I did get a couple cherry trees in there, though.

I did all the ink outside and finished up with color at home. 


  1. Great bridge! I like that last month we saw a bridge with bare-branched trees and this month, there's another fine bridge with the cherry trees to the side. We're seeing the seasons change through your bridge sketches.

  2. Having drawn this bridge I know how complicated it is and you have captured it wonderfully. I like both with color and without...great.