Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last of 2015 Sketches

I had several opportunities to sketch this week, which was a great way to end the year.  Here's to many more sketches in the new year with all of you in our sketching community!  Btw, we welcome visiting sketchers as well, so if you travel to Portland in 2016 be sure and join us if you can.
Four windows across from a downtown coffee shop, each with its own story to tell.
One of those charming craftsman style doors at Timberline Lodge.
John's sketch of the architecture at Timberline Lodge.

John's sketch of the fascinating 'transformer' cornices on the Hotel Governor, now newly named the Sentinel Hotel after these robotic figures
Another sketching day in a different coffee shop presented a view of this glorious tree...I can't get enough of Portland's mature Elms.


  1. I love these! You and John have really captured the architecture of Timberline. It is a favorite place for me and by your sketches I am there.
    A wonderful year end sketching post!

  2. These are such a pleasure to see. I really like the grid of the windows with their secret stories. You and John have both captured the strength and permanence in the construction of Timberline Lodge. Finally, your tree with its fragile branches makes a perfect frame for that very accurate light pole. (We all know how tough those are!)

  3. Thanks, Deb and Vicky! Looking forward to sketching with you and the others in 2016!!