Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saint Patrick's Church NW Portland

I love Saint Patrick’s Church in NW Portland.
I drive by it all the time as it sits across from our bank.
The Beaux-Arts church looks like it belongs in Italy,
set into cobbled streets surrounded by a park and houses from that era.


It sits nearly under and slammed up against the stupid freeway that was built after it.
All around is blacktop, vast possibilities for parking.
(Image below drawn from Google streets — not live from the freeway.)

The sketches were done onsite, the grey shadows were created
onsite using diluted inks as an undertone.
The text, watercolor and the sketch of the Google maps images
(the freeway) were added in the studio.
No I did NOT stand on the freeway to sketch!



  1. I always enjoy driving by St Patrick's too, and have often wanted to sketch it. You have rendered it beautifully, and I enjoyed your commentary as well. The map and freeway sketch really give it a sense of place...unfortunate place...but at least many people get to enjoy the beautiful roof as the whiz by!