Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sketching St John's area in Portland

On our latest sketchcrawl to the St John's area and Cathedral Park I opted to stay up in the town and forgo sketching the beautiful St John's Bridge.
In the past I had taken on the challenge of the bridge and so had skipped over the street scene of the St John's area.
It was a vibrant scene on this day.....a farmer's market and a good crowd of people enjoying the day. A little way down Lombard St was this interesting building with a fantastic neon sign. Not really sure what a palm tree has to do with a wishing well though I enjoyed sketching it.

The Wishing Well restaurant and bar- watercolor and ink

a street scene- watercolor and ink
I was trying something a little different than my usual technique here using a waterproof ink in my Hero M86 pen to which I then added watercolor.

Later after our sketch sharing at Cathedral Park I joined Vicky and Donna to sketch the Jazz Festival going on there under the bridge.

Jazz Festival at Cathedral Park- watercolor and ink


  1. I stayed away on that hot day because I too have sketched under the bridge; I should have come and sketched with you! Love the top image!

  2. Love the colors and images here. So pretty.

  3. Love the colors and images here. So pretty.