Sunday, May 10, 2015

Around Portland

There's a relatively new food cart pod in SE Portland: Tidbit. Besides having good food and seating, there are some very charming carts, nice plants, and friendly vendors.

Here's a sketch of Dog Bone Coffee and John, the vendor. Unfortunately, the dog, Talon was out of my view.

Here's a corner of the eating area. (I can almost smell the scent of the waffles as I post this.)

This is a sketch from the park blocks in front of the Portland Art Museum and some quick sketches from Directors Square.  Lots of people were out enjoying the sunny day yesterday, but they never stayed for long on the benches I was drawing.


  1. Enjoying the snapshot sketches of Portland. Love the red of the food cart...are we going a little bolder on the color?? And the people studies in Director's park are wonderful.

  2. Ha! Deb, I didn't have paint in my travel paint set for that food cart and had to add it at home, but it really is a strong red. It was so nice to be outside sketching again. Once this rain leaves, we should try for an outing.

  3. Nice Sketches; Looking forward to recovery and joining you all!

  4. Love the red food cart sketch--very effective use of color! The others are great too, especially the relaxed postures of the people. The guy above the lamp post is my favorite.