Monday, August 18, 2014

Portland 23 Years Ago

When I moved to Portland in 1991 I lived in the Pearl District at the Irvington Street Lofts.  Being new in the city, in the evenings I sketched to fill my free time.  That first summer I did a series of 34 sketches from the roof deck of the Irvington Street Lofts creating a 360 panorama.  In 1991 the Pearl was still very much an industrial neighborhood.  The Portland Bolt Company occupied the building were 24 Hour Fitness is located now.  As you walked by you could watch the workmen pour molten steel into the molds.  The block where REI is located was a galvanizing plant with the air filled with dust and chemicals.  The series begins looking south east towards the US Bank Building (the pink skyscraper) and continues clockwise.  I think the sketches record a unique time in Portland's history.  Over the next several days I will post the rest of the sketches, I hope you enjoy this look at Portland 23 years ago.

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  1. i'm so glad to be able to see these again while I marvel at your work. I recognize each of these views. (I sure wish I had been sketching Portland when I moved here in the 1970's.) Google street view has nothing on you. These are terrific!