Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sketch filled day

What a great day.  Floyd's followed by cherry blossoms and anti-fascism protests on the Waterfront, Thai food for lunch, and then a great movie.  At the end of it all we played with Kalina's camera obscura.  It was a day of stimulation, community-feeling, and fun.

Here's my sketch offering from the day.

The one below is from a weekend at Breitenbush from a few weeks ago.

This one is from sketching at Pearl Bakery with Vicky last weekend.

See you all next time!


  1. Yes, it was a very fun day! I'm so glad you posted your sketches because they're lovely and I always like seeing them again. My favorite is the cherry trees. Each page works separately or together.

  2. The dappled light through the tree branches, the sun reflecting off the face of the river, and a warm cuppa coffee to boot! Love it.

  3. Love these. As usual your focus is so clear. Missing the Portland in Philadelphia it is still cold and currently raining. At least no snow for now though. Thanks posting.