Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's Melting!

This morning, my eye was drawn to these diagonal icicles on the rhododendron outside the living room window. I couldn't figure out how some of them were diagonal until we realized that the branch had broken or bent after the icicles formed.

I really haven't had much practice drawing snow and ice scenes, but Andrea's sketch inspired me to give it a try.

 I haven't had much practice drawing dogs either (as noted by the extra large head), but we're happily dog sitting this weekend. Paisley was a willing model as she napped in her vest.

I hope all my fellow sketchers are warm and cozy and maybe as relaxed as this dog.


  1. I love that you and Andrea are so inspired by our recent weather event to sketch it!
    I can feel the cold of the rhododendron and icicles...nice. The sketch of Paisley is wonderful...completely relaxed and cozy.

  2. Oh, good, Deb--I wasn't sure if the sketches looked cold enough, so I'm glad that came across. Thanks for your kind comments. Stay warm!

  3. I like the semi-abstract but chilly looking backgrounds contrasting the hard lines of the icicles--brrr!