Monday, September 23, 2013

Pettygrove Park Sketchcrawl

We had an excellent turnout for our sketch crawl on Saturday, in spite of the rainy forecast. Several new people joined us and along with some regulars, we headed for Pettygrove Park or Keller fountain. The rain held off until noon when we shared our sketches under an overhang of a nearby building. It was great to see so many different styles and techniques. Here are our results. I hope my fellow sketchers will post their sketches here, for a much better look.

I started by doing a sketch with a lot of crosshatching (the lower one) and then a close up...

After all that detail, I went right to watercolor and then threw on some watercolor pencil. Then the rain started. I wish I had moved closer to Manual Izquierdo's sculpture to listened to it. Apparently, it is filled with foam so when the rain hits it, it sounds like a kettledrum. A missed opportunity!

We had a tasty lunch at Laughing Planet with about a dozen sketchers, getting to know each other a bit more, catching up, and sometimes sharing sketchbooks. A few of us weren't ready to quit, so we headed over to the PSU Farmers Market, where I did some quick people sketches, adding the color later.

It was a really enjoyable sketch crawl with very friendly people. I'm already  looking forward to the next one!


  1. Dude, the statue is designed to sound fancy in the rain!??! How great! Love the sketches, neat to see the wide variety of approaches to the statue and the fun fast portraits in the afternoon as well!

  2. Yes, Katura! Next time I'm in that neighborhood in the rain, I'm going to head over to listen. Wonder what it would have sounded like in today's downpours.

  3. I didn't know about the sound thing....would have stuck around to hear that!
    These are wonderful Vicky. I don't remember the colored one at oyr showing under the awning. Did you color and finish it later? And of course the people are enhanced by the added color.
    It was a good day!

  4. Vicky - this is great. Thanks for sharing all our sketches and thanks for writing about the day. I like the variety of your sketches - the subjects and the media.

  5. Thanks, everyone.
    Deb, the colored one I did right before the rain. I probably spent under 10 minutes on it, racing against the darkening clouds. I agree, it was a good day!