Saturday, March 24, 2012

St Paddy's day

A couple of us met at Biddy Mcgraw's to take in their St Patrick's Day celebration. There was some confusion about the opening time but we eventually got in around 11:00. The place filled up very quickly with families and other it got loud almost immediately. Alanna, Kalina and I were positioned pretty much in the middle of the action. If you use your imagination you will see an incomplete portrait of Kalina in the top drawing. And an equally indistinct portrait of Alanna in the drawing below.

After some time we left Biddy's and settled in the Seven Virtues Cafe across the street. Aha...quiet and calm and the big windows allowed for some good street views.


  1. Wow, your sketches really do a good job of catching the distinct feelings of crowded bar versus quiet well-lit cafe across the street. Looks like great fun, sorry to have missed it!

  2. Thank you Katura. It was an interesting day of contrasts.