Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cannon Beach charm

I stayed at Cannon Beach over the weekend ( along with my hubby and our dog) and finally got to do at least one sketch of one of the many charming buildings that inhabit the town! It was such a great weekend, weather-wise, that we spent a lot of time just walking on the beach. There are a lot more funky houses and shops to sketch but my dog had other plans!

Even though our group is called 'urban sketchers'....I think a day trip to this coastal town might be a fun excursion someday. We could picnic on the beach and come home with lots of interesting sketches. Just sit on a bench in town for a few minutes and you see dozens of dogs and their owners...more perfect subjects!

Hopefully, there will be other perfect weekends ahead....Linda E

1 comment:

  1. Your sketch turned out great! You really caught the antique charm! I hope we can do sketching in the country when everything blossoms again!