Friday, November 25, 2011

deb rossi, Ladd's Addition sketchcrawl

Our sketchcrawl at Ladd's Addition started as a beautiful day..the temp was bearable so I ventured out. I had passed this interesting church while driving to meet at Palio's so decided to go there first. The church is St Sharbel's Catholic Church. St Sharbel born in Lebanon (1828-1898) entered a monastery at the age of 23 and then sometime later was granted permission to live as a hermit which he did until his death.

Later after lunch I did this sketch looking out the window with a 'Palomino Blackwing' pencil ("half the pressure, twice the speed" it says) that Kalina generously gave me. I used to do only pencil sketching and I have to say it was fun to go back to it again.


  1. Deb, the highlighted areas on the church are really effective. Love that diagonal leading up to the window, too.
    Thanks for drawing the view out the window. I really like it when someone else has drawn the same view and I can see theirs in comparison. In this case, simplifying the foliage to values and textures was brilliant!

  2. Thanks Vicky....are you going to post your drawing. What I remember from our sharing session is that I liked the texture you put for the bark on that large tree....would love to see it again.

  3. Deb, Great to see these and looking forward to Vicky's drawings too