Friday, November 12, 2010

Hollywood Theater

Hollywood Theater, originally uploaded by jswalkky.
This historic theater seems like a very glamorous but faded movie star who has fallen on hard times. I remember going there for the first time to see the futuristic movie, 2001, A Space Odyssey, in 1968. The interior was every bit as ornate as the exterior and I felt transported into a different world just by walking inside. The theater was built in 1926.

Our local Urban Sketcher group spent the morning sketching in the area, then we had lunch and passed around our sketchbooks. I had a marvelous time!


  1. Nice drawing Janene! I remember the first movie I saw there too; 'Carrie' with Sissie Spacic.

  2. Really nice work Janene, and the colour scheme is effective (and complements this site too!)

  3. Beautiful Drawing Janene. I like the 2 color scheme and the fact that you captured what was playing on Thu Nov 11 2010. That will be cool to know sometime way in the future when someone opens your sketchbook.

  4. Janene--I'm glad to see you survived those exhaust fumes near your perch by the street.
    You really captured the Hollywood theater! I love the detail that you included and the lovely shading, too. That's a hard building to draw! By the way, I went to see the movie, 2001 that same year. Our family drove up from out of town because it was such a big deal. And remember, the theater hadn't been divided up then.

  5. Carrie, How funny that the first movie you saw there was "Carrie"! No wonder it was memorable.
    Pete and Bill, Thanks for your kind comments.
    Vicky, Maybe we were there at the same time! I remember how huge the interior was then, but haven't seen a movie here for a long time. I am not surprised that they divided it up.