Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The View from the Bluff

I walk along the bluff overlooking the Willamette River several times a week, and this is one of my favorite views. I particularly enjoy it in late afternoon when the sunlight skims over the top of the distant hills and lights up the promontory. Right now the new grass makes the hillside a glowing lime green. Across the river is an industrial area, and on this side ships dock on Swan Island, although it is not really an island. I stopped to do this sketch in my little 3" x 5" moleskine on one of my recent walks.


  1. I like it out there too. Quin and I tried to paint at Cathedral park not knowing Pirates day is all weekend. We painted the train bridge instead but were still within distance to smell cannon smoke. Pirates in Portland are fairly authentic.

  2. Carrie--that is hilarious! I am hoping we can have a sketchcrawl in St. Johns. There is Cathedral Park, the St. John's bridge, the old gas much to sketch! But maybe it would be best to avoid Pirates Day!

  3. I like that idea. I could find plenty of stuff just in the town along the bus route.