Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday - Sellwood Park

The sketchcrawl started at Blue Kangaroo Coffee Shop.  Love the name and the coffee was good too.  This here is Ellie - it was a pleasure to meet you Ellie.

Next we walked over to Sellwood Park.  We all sought seating in the shade and luckily there was plenty of it.  This here is the building that goes with the swimming pool.

This here is a view of a couple of gigantic trees, a flagpole, a light post, sketchers, and tennis players.  Imagine a bouncy castle to the right of me, and Katura and a sweet baby making sweet baby sounds to the left. Oh I almost forgot to tell you how Kalina saved this drawing.  It was a chaotic mess until I added those swoopy black brush pen strokes that I always love in Kalina's drawings.

 We had lunch at Muddy Rudder.  Andrew was sitting across from me.  And this guy beyond our group had fun hair.


  1. Very cool! Love the gigantic trees.....sorry I missed this outing.

  2. You continue to surprise me. Wonderful trees!