Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Library Sketchbook Display

I thought those of you who generously loaned your wonderful sketchbooks for our library display might like to see the result--or at least part one. These are the sketchbooks that are displayed on the 3rd floor of the Central Multnomah County Library, underneath the clock in the Art and Music room...

More sketchbooks will be setup in the wall display case outside of the popular library, but that won't happen until next Monday, so stay tuned for part two.

Deb and I were given a tour of some of the more secret parts of the library, from basement archives to the top, looking down on the rooftop gardens. We would have loved to get in some sketching of those great city views.

The library is also featuring several books on sketching that can be checked out. These are on display on shelves as you enter the Art and Music room. If you're there, take a look.

Thanks to the MCL for their support of our sketch crawl event, my friend, Jayne, who coordinated it, to Andrea for her eye-catching poster, and to all of you who loaned your very precious sketchbooks.


  1. The display looks fantastic! Thank you for the sneak peek and for setting it up. It sounds like the tour of the library was a nice little perk.

  2. Wow! Great job ladies. I'm looking forward to getting down there to check out the display!

  3. This is fantastic! Woo hoo!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing the display in person, thanks for putting this together. It's exciting to have everyone's work on display.