Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Return to Urban Sketching

The weather in Portland is warming up, the people are in the streets, and I'm there, sketchbook in hand observing the goings on around town. Well, the goings on inside coffee shops, bars, and on nice sunny hot dog eatery patios anyway. It's great to get out and although I haven't had a chance to join up with you, my Urban Sketching brethren, I've gone on solo missions to sketch the people and places of our colorful city. This past week's adventures have taken me to Zach's Shack, which I believe are the tastiest hot dogs in town; for some sweet treats and caffeine atDragonfly Coffee House, one of Portland's coziest coffee shops; and for some libations at Muu Muu's one of the chillest bars in the Northwest area of town. Hopefully as the summer goes on, I can get out and continue my little solo Urban Sketching adventures, and if anyone ever wants to join me for a mid-week romp around town, shoot me a line, perhaps we can romp together.
Once again the links to some of my sketch spots:
Dragonfly Coffee House and Bakery
Muu Muu's
Zach's Shack

Cozy seats and sweet treats at Dragonfly Coffee House
People doing their thing at Dragonfly Coffee House

People of Muu Muu's

The view of Por Que No from Zach's Shack


  1. You always catch such great personality in your people sketches! Love the dramatic lines and color splashes in the view of Por Que No as well. Great stuff, lovely to see you back in action in the sketch dept!

  2. Really nice, Marco! I especially like the colorful street scene. I like the way you used the signage, too.