Saturday, July 12, 2014

2nd annual west coast urbansketchers sketchcrawl was a fantastic! I heard over 100 sketchers!

I am off to the east coast early tomorrow so I thought it would be good to get this post off asap.
 Here are my sketches and some random photos of the sketchbook sharing at the Portland Art Museum courtyard.



Thank you to our 2nd annual west coast urbansketchers sketchcrawl committee for a wonderful day


  1. Deb, these look great! I especially like the dappled sunlight that you've effectively painted. Your sculpture drawing really has the solidity of that figure. Nice photos, too.
    Best wishes on your east coast trip.

  2. My favorite of your sketches in this set is the "Road Closed" one--because it reminds me of that moment of arriving early and seeing that it was going to be an even BUSIER day on the Park Blocks than we had anticipated! You've captured all sorts of fun moments on paper and in your snapshots, thanks very much for posting!

  3. wow! what a turnout! wish I could've made it to the second day. nice sketches! i really like how you just trail off the trees on the road closed one and didn't get too fussy. Great pics of the sketchbooks too!

  4. Thank you all. It was a truely great day and so exciting to see all of those sketchers take on the park blocks!