Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Library Display, Part 2

More of our sketchbooks are now on display outside of the Popular Library downtown. The top shelf has sketchbooks from Marco and Gregg. The next features Janene's and Bill's. Katura's sketchbook and a copy of a page by Andrea are on the third shelf, along with a couple of library books. (Emily Carr was a sketcher, right?) The bottom shelf has another library book and sketchbooks from Deb and me.

The poster that Andrea designed will get an addition after this weekend, saying  something like: for future monthly sketching events visit...UskPDX. Both this display and the one on the 3rd floor will be in place until August 5th.

I have all the sketchbooks that we were unable to use. I would be happy to return them to you this Friday at Ringler's if you'd like. (I won't bring them unless I hear from you.)

After the setup, I wandered over to the Art Museum and look what I saw:

(the Sketchbook Project getting ready to open)

It's too bad this won't be around this weekend. It will be open from 1:00-5:00 today and tomorrow. Wish I had brought another sketch crawl poster to tack on the outside.


  1. Oh that's right, the Sketchbook Project! Wasn't even on my radar--will have to try to make it down there. Fun! This library display case looks awesome, great job my friend.

  2. Good job on the sketchbook displays!I noted the location of the Library in case I have time to take a look while I'm there this weekend for the sketchcrawl. The Sketchbook Project will be here in Seattle starting Thursday. I plan to see it then as I'll be in Portland the rest of the time!

  3. This case looks great! Nice job Vicky and Deb!

  4. I cruised by today and checked out the display. Great job ladies! Really nice layout.