Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sketching Outside

Deb and Kalina and I had an impromptu sketch outing on Hawthorne today. Both of them have some lovely sketches and I hope they'll post them. My results weren't so good,  so I'm going to post some other urban sketches I've don't lately that are somewhat better than today's results.  Maybe they'll inspire you to visit one of these places to sketch.

Sitting at a picnic table in the sunshine, I sketched this view of the Pittock mansion.
When I turned around the other way, I could see all of these folks enjoying the view of the mountain and downtown.

I sketched this view from the Fields, just as some of the trees were beginning to get their new leaves. This time, I noticed a little weather data collection device (center). 

I hope you all find some time to sketch outside on our wonderful spring days. Please post them, too!


  1. All of these sketches are inspiring....good for you to get us out there to sketch!
    You have captured the Pittock Mansion so well....with all its various architectural idiosyncrasies. The Fremont bridge sketch is wonderful with its simple blue sky and intricate structure that has incredible depth of field.