Thursday, April 9, 2015

3rd Saturday Sketch Crawl - April 18th, "LoBu"

[04/15/2015 - Edited with information about our visit to Portland Bottling Company, which is now confirmed -kgw] 

I want to give credit to Kalina for researching and figuring out this sketchcrawl.  These are her words...
This sketchcrawl will focus on the Lower Burnside area, also called (I'm not making this up) "LoBu".

Right now there are *many* multifamily construction projects underway in this area (see this map  Old businesses are closing or selling, old buildings being demolished, and higher population density will bring in more new businesses and developments.  It's an area that will look completely different in a decade but right now, despite a certain amount of hipness, it's still quite scruffy and eclectic.  Let's capture its current incarnation while we can!

10 am - Gather outside Voodoo Donuts *2*1501 NE Davis St.
There will be long lines so you might choose to eat breakfast in advance.  

10:30 - Sketching inside the Portland Bottling Company [pictured below] - many thanks to their president, Tom Keenan, for allowing us in! Wear closed-toed shoes, don't bring in any food, and we'll need to wear hair nets and possibly remove jewelry. We'll be able to use our regular art media but I do request you avoid anything messy.

If you prefer not to go into the Bottling Company, you can sketch it from the outside or visit any of the sites listed at the bottom of this post.

12:30 - Optional lunch and sketchbook sharing at Doug Fir Restaurant830 E Burnside St  If we have trouble finding seating for our entire group, we'll split into two groups and one will go to: Burnside Brewing701 E Burnside St.

1:30 - Also optional after lunch - the Linework NW Festival runs from 12pm to 8pm at Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th Ave. This festival will feature many exciting comics and illustration artists and writers, and the Norse Hall building is interesting in itself.

Additional sketching opportunities in the area:

  • (Indoor/Outdoor sketching) Hippo Hardware1040 E Burnside St - opens at 10am.  Vintage hardware displays and interesting building from the outside.
  • (Outdoor) The Sandy Hut1430 NE Sandy Blvd - this familiar business has been closed and shuttered after being purchased by a local club owner.  Its future is unknown, but its distinctive outside appearance is still available for sketching.
  • (Outdoor but sheltered) View west down burnside from under Noble Rot awning, capturing the Hippo Hardware building
  • (Indoor) See See Motorcycles1642 NE Sandy Blvd - very small cafe with interesting interior and lots of motorcycles parked outside, good for a couple of sketchers to visit at a time
  • (Indoor) Grendel's Cafe729 E Burnside St, small crowded cafe, good option for coffee and snacks

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