Monday, March 9, 2015

Cherry Blossoms - almost at peak

I couldn't resist going out to the Japanese Memorial Garden this past gorgeous, warm (although not so much in the shade in the morning) Saturday. Vicky joined me in sketching the not quite out blossoms on the Cherry trees there.

First I did this thumbnail above and then the real attempt to capture the essence of the blooms...some still in bud and some in that beautiful pale pink.

Cherry blossom allee - Watercolor and non waterproof ink
I then turned around to look back toward the Burnside Bridge. In this view the trees blooms turned a rusty cinnamon color against the bridge background.

Watercolor and non waterproof ink

All in all Vicky and I had a very productive day. You can see my other sketches from this day on my blog.


  1. I love the dappled shadows on the middle one. You seem to have included just the right amount of information in each one to convey the setting. Lovely!

  2. Thanks always seem to find the right compliment. Will you be posting your work? I would love to see them again and savor it all a little more.

  3. I really love the variety of colors you used to depict the blossoms in the middle one.
    The composition just leads you down the cherry blossom path!

  4. Thanks Linda. I did fudge a little on the color......of course there were not that many open blossoms at the time.