Monday, March 23, 2015

Another visit to the Portlland cherry blossoms

On my first sketching visit I was maybe a little too early- most of the blossoms were still in bud and not showing that snowy pink all over color.
This visit the blossoms were out but the leaves were vying for room so the snowy pink was being invaded by the green leaves.
Right in between would have been best.....but alas that did not happen.

watercolor with non-waterproof ink

watercolor applied first then non-waterproof ink added to highlight some details
It was nice to see a good crowd of us sketchers out there on this slightly chilly and windy day.


  1. Deb, you really got the colors of the trees in the top sketch--the green and pink of the fading blooms. The bottom sketch makes me want to put up my hood and head for cover--you really captured the weather at that point--brrr!

  2. This is wonderful. I wish there was an artist name listed in each post, so I could know who did it.

  3. Thanks Vicky and Cathleen. The second sketch was finished just as the rain started so that is why (I think) it shows the weather...because it was in it!
    Cathleen, Thank you for your comment and I believe that the name of each artist is listed at the end of the post along with the time it was posted. On my screen it is in red.

    1. Thanks Deb! I just saw that the name is in red. I love your sketches! Can you guys do a Columbia Gorge Sketchcrawl? I live in Hood River OR.

  4. You have depicted a lovely combination of city structures and living exuberance.

  5. Cathleen, it would be lovely to arrange something in the Gorge. I will talk to the organizers. It might also help if you could give us a suggestion of place and time or year. I believe our year schedule of monthly gatherings is pretty much decided however there is always room for another outing on some other date in the month....perhaps??