Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sauvie Island

What a peaceful day sitting in the sun on Sauvie Island.  Angelika and I got to glimpse some snow geese through borrowed binoculars after we ate our lunch.  We believe we saw a merlin too.

We stuck to Reeder Road because there were some open wildlife areas there even in this season.  Quite a few bicyclists were out there.  Some folks had also brought their dogs out to enjoy the beach.


  1. Houseboats and Mount Hood! What a perfect day to be out sketching. I'm really enjoying the way you are balancing the composition in these sketches, especially in the Mt Hood sketch--the little tiny band of color plays against the reflections in the water so nicely. Yay!

  2. Love the color you have given in the two sketches. Again I admire your spare linework and adding only what is needed for the composition to work.