Sunday, November 4, 2012

sketching in the rain & Pete's visit

This week has been busy for me so I haven't had a chance to scan and post these from our local sketching groups' meet up with Pete Scully visiting from Davis CA.

It was a pretty wet day and I did attempt a few outside sketches but I was forced to be inside for some of that day. These are my attempt (or some may say my non-attempt) at sketching fellow sketchers at Floyds in the morning meet up and Old Town Pizza for lunch.

 On one of my outside excursions I did this quick sketch of the Skidmore Fountain ....always a favorite subject (another sketch was a start of a panorama of the Portland skyline seen from under the Burnside be shown later when completed).
It was great to meet you again Pete and share a wet Portland day with you.....and thanks for the kind remarks on your blog about our 'sweet' Portland rain.


  1. Lovely sketches (I sketched almost the same spot outside!) and nice to meet you again, look forward to the next (hopefully dryer) trip to PDX!

  2. Deb, I really like the pallet you used for the indoor sketches. They feel cozy and slightly damp and they're very evocative of the day. Another great composition with the Skidmore Fountain!

  3. Thanks Vicky and Pete. Regardless of the off/on crummy weather and looking at all of the posts for that day it seems to be intrepid is to be a Portland Sketcher!