Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sunday, Nov. 18: Sketch the Bike Races!

Join us this Sunday, November 18, for an expedition to sketch the cyclocross bicycle races at the Portland International Raceway!

Read more about this crazy sport at
What's cyclocross, you ask? Imagine folks on skinny-wheeled road bikes, racing on a steep and wriggly course that seems much more suited to mountain-bikes. Lots of mud and tree roots, and periodic jumping off the bike to carry it over obstacles. It takes place in the rainy season, specifically so that the mud is super plentiful.

Oh, and in case that sounds totally unlike your normal cup of tea...there are people cooking up piping-hot Belgian waffles in the tents around the racecourse. Yum!

(Note--this event will be taking the place of our normal 3rd-Saturday sketching meetup.)

Here's the scheme:
  • 9:30 am: Meet at the Delta Park/Vanport MAX station (on the yellow line).
  • Walk over to the Portland International Raceway, about a 20 minute stroll.
  • Scope the scene, snack on Belgian waffles, watch bike people whoosh around, sketch!
  • Wander back to the MAX train around 1:00? 

Rain is predicted, please dress for the weather.  There will likely be some pop-up tents for the event but I don't expect much in the way of more formal types of shelter.

Details on the race itself here:
(If you want to see the folks racing on unicycles, you'll have to get there earlier in the morning!)

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