Thursday, November 22, 2012

Veterans Day Sketches

I joined the sketch crawlers at the Stumptown Annex on Veterans Day and did this sketch from the front of the shop looking across the street.

At lunch in a nearby cafe I sketched a few patrons. It's tricky sketching people without them noticing that you are staring at them. And then, of course, they change their position or get up and leave!

Earlier this month I visited the Art Museum to do some sketching of the Body Beautiful exhibit.

Sometimes at night my feet like to be sketched so I do them.


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  1. "Sometimes at night my feet like to be sketched so I do them." You are so kind to your feet! Hee hee.

    Love these pencil sketches. The shading on the statue of Aphrodite is especially delightful. I often get frustrated when drawing with pencil, but you make me remember why the medium is so beautiful!