Monday, January 10, 2011

Sketching in Old Town: Back Space and Lan Su garden

These are in reverse order...but that's fine. I ended my sketchcrawl day at the teahouse at Lan Su chinese garden. It was my first time there. I had eight treasures tea which was really very good.

a very quick sketch at Lan Su

Bill Sharp...messed up his eyes, though. Oops

People at Backspace and Marco, sketching
 Backspace cafe barista...I think i made his hat too pointy. He didn't look quite so gnomeish in person.
 It was great meeting up with folks. For the first time since I started the group, we had more guys than gals!
I've really been enjoying myself at sketchcrawls....see y'all next saturday too!


  1. The 'quick' sketch at the Chinese Garden is fantastic. It seems you have successfully conquered your non-architectural drawing bias!

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  3. Deb is right. That quick sketch at the Chinese Garden turned out great! I like seeing myself in drawings. Very neat!

  4. thanks. I find the quicker i sketch, the ,more i liek the results.