Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lan Su Chinese Garden

I finished a sketch that I started at the Chinese Gardens
during the free admission week. It was too cold to finish
it outside. I loved that place so much I would like to become
a member!


  1. Karlene--
    I still haven't finished my Chinese Garden sketches, but I think works like yours might help me to see what to do. For example, your pavilion roof is great and it is so tricky--so different from our typical rectangular architecture. This is very nice.

  2. Great color! The Chinese arden has a way of putting you in a different place and out of the city. I think we all love it for that quality.

  3. Thank you Vicky and Deb. I just love this garden, such a sanctuary in the city! I have to admit that the day I did this it was sunny but quite cold out. I put in the main shapes on site but I also snapped a few photos and finished up the details and colors at that cheating?

  4. I am so delighted to see Your painting here Ms Karlene Lusby.

    There are all-to-few now-a-days paintings of Chinese Garden representations.

    If You are interested, I would love to feature this @ my educational website for China's Garden Art.


    1. John - I have just now seen your post even though it was years ago, I'm embarrassed to say! I was without a computer for a year or two and just now checked out the urbansketchers blogspot. Absolutely you can feature this art of mine in your educational website if you're still intereseted! Thank you, Karlene