Monday, July 20, 2015

St Johns Sketchcrawl

Last Saturday about fifteen Urban Sketchers met at Proper Eats Market and Cafe on Lombard in the St John's neighborhood of Portland.  St Johns is one of my favorite places to sketch because of its quaint, small town feel plus the main street is only a couple blocks from the lovely St Johns Bridge and Cathedral Park, which spreads out beneath the bridge.  After coffee and a good chat by the shaded tables outside Proper Eats, the group spread out to sketch--some headed over to the park, some down the main street of St Johns, and some remained in the comfort of the shade at the cafe, with generous coffee refills forthcoming!  Afterwards we met at Cathedral Park to share our sketches and chat some more.
PDX Urban Sketchers enjoying each others sketches.

Sketchers chatting at the park.
My sketch done from a comfy seat in the shade of a tree outside the cafe. I added a little of the shading later.
John said I could share his sketch from the same vantage point.

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