Monday, July 13, 2015

Our NW Industrial Neighborhood

I haven’t sketched outdoors much lately.  I wondered what I might make of our buildings.
Our studio is in an industrial area in NW Portland.
This is the approach from the freeway.
We share space in the building with Portland Opera’s stage crew and Action Video.
Our studio spaces are along the western side of the building.
That’s my finish room waaaaaaay down there on the top floor.

Across the street is Rejuvenation.  I’d love to own that beautiful Building!

We overlook Grimm’s studio and Calbag, a dirty metal recycling center that drops heavy metals all over.  I cringe whenever I see someone picking berries from their property — Have a little metal dust with those berries?  We watch Grimm’s carny come and go when they are on location.  A caravan of long trailers leave up 26th Ave early in the morning;
I am often in the studio by 5am. We don’t see them coming back unless we are at the studio very late.  I stood in front of their studio entrance to draw this view,
looking back at our upholstery studio.  Our studio is on the upper right of the building;
Mitchell and my computers sit and we can look out toward the Willamette River. 

Grimm’s studio entrance is unimpressive.
Only the guard shack betrays something that needs guarding!

Drawn in an Strathmore Mixed Media journal.


  1. I love the raw look of the NW Industrial area. Thanks for this personal view.