Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Peninsula Park sketches

This day was my first exposure to a Parkways Bike event. It was very exciting to see all of the bikers gathering before 11:00 ready to set off on their tour of the other parks.

Some of the other sketchers had their bikes and I was impressed with their verve. I however was on foot and staying in Peninsula Park for the morning.

The Fountain- watercolor and non waterproof ink

I love this sunken rose garden with its wonderful structure of paths and planting beds. After doing this fountain sitting at the lowest level I went up to an outer edge to get a view from a higher angle.

The Gazebo- watercolor and non waterproof ink (using the Hero m86 pen)


  1. I like these two scenes of the park. It's like zooming in and back out. I think I know just where you were sitting: under the lovely scented Linden trees?