Saturday, June 20, 2015

A little catch-up...sketches from a past sketchcrawl

It was great to explore the area around the High and Low Gallery (our host for the potluck and materials exchange). Thanks Julie!
With the street mandala painting going on at SE 33rd and Yamhill and our potluck and materials exchange it was a super charged day.

I started out with a fairly stiff sketch of the street painting but after the potluck I returned to do another looser and more interesting sketch.

Other subjects were taken on too like the church at the corner of SE 35th and Yamhill. I neglected to get the name but I did like the tower and the trees surrounding it.

It is always fun to get new tools so I was pleased to come away from the materials exchange with some great stuff. A Hero M86 pen and some new ink colors got me so excited that I couldn't wait to try them out. Thank you to Andrea, all of the organizers and to the other artists that brought such great things to the exchange.

Hero M86 pen with new Noodlers Air Corp Blue ink


  1. Deb, love this series of sketches,especially the church tower. You always have such interesting grey greens.

  2. Thanks Linda. I have started using a sage green. Not sure it is really what I want to use for a basic green but am giving it a try.