Saturday, June 13, 2015

3rd *Sunday* Urban Sketch Crawl - June 21, + July Sketch Crawl


Sunday, June 21, let's join up with Sunday Parkways and sketch Peninsula Park and other areas of North Portland.  We can also sketch crowds, bicycles, and crowds of people on bikes. Pretty sure there will be hot dogs, lemonade, and hula hoops to sketch.

It's also Father's Day and the summer solstice so feel free to bring dads along and/or yourself and kids if you are one, and also bring your love of the sun!

So far the weather is looking good, but if rain seems like a possibility I'll look out for some indoor gathering spots and update this post.

Also be aware parking might be challenging with streets closed off for the event.

10:00am: Meet at the gazebo at Peninsula Park for introductions.  The gazebo is directly north of the fountain in the middle of all the roses, and up the stairs.
10:30am: Sketch around Peninsula Park
11:00am Sunday Parkways starts:  get on bikes and take a sketching bike tour - or - hang out on foot.
12:30pm: Sketchbook sharing and (byo) lunch back at the Peninsula Park gazebo.

  1. Your choice of sketching materials.
  2. Bike (optional)
  3. Portable chair (optional)
  4. Food (optional) - usually at Sunday Parkways there are food vendors at the parks and places along the route.
Sunday Parkways Information and Map:

Peninsula Park fountain

Saturday, July 18, let's go back to Cathedral Park in St. John's. It's another opportunity to sketch the beautiful St. John's Bridge, plus the Columbia River.  Lovely lovely lovely. The Jazz Fest is also going on that day so we may have the choice of staying and listening to some good music. And it's free!

10:00am: Meet at Proper Eats for introductions / coffee / snacks.
10:30am: Sketch around Cathedral Park
12:00noon: Meet at the circle shown in this photo at the bottom of the stairs for sketchbook sharing / (byo) lunch.  Once again if Jazz Fest is starting by then there are usually food vendors around.


  1. I'm sorry to miss this next sketch crawl, but I'll definitely try to make the Jazz Festival one. (My son's playing there.)

  2. I'm planning on riding, so sketch me quick as I go by...will be on my recumbent trike.