Sunday, August 17, 2014

St Johns Bridge sketchcrawl

I missed the last time the urban sketchers visited the St Johns Bridge and was very determined not to do so again. This bridge is one of the prides of Portland with its graceful arches and because you can actually access it from below you can also see the wonderful structure...again with those beautiful arches.

My intention this time out was to select a view and do that same view in several sketches. I hoped to learn something in each one. I can't say that I consider this as successful seemed that I repeated the same problems of proportion in each one.
As with other Portland bridges I discovered that the structure is complicated, sometimes confusing and very challenging!

 After these above sketches I thought I would concentrate on a little smaller area because truthfully at this time, I was pretty overwhelmed.....!


  1. Deb, I think these are wonderful. You have really captured the grace and lift of the bridge. I admire your persistence in sticking to the challenge of repeating the same view. Still, each is unique in its color and mood. Well done!

  2. Deb! These are inspiring! Such nice work you do.

  3. I love the vantage point that you chose, although it was quite ambitious to depict both the pilings and the top of the bridge. You succeeded wonderfully!

  4. Thank you Vicky, Mike and Janene. And to comment back to you Janene....yes, that view was quite ambitious and there lies the struggle with proportion. I will want to go back and try again though!