Thursday, August 28, 2014

Going Back to the Fields

Last week, I sketched again at the Fields park in NW Portland, starting with paint. I didn't finish it, so I returned today to finish the painting and to add the ink. I think I was sitting in a spot that was nearly the same as last week, but the weather, the sun, the cranes, the sky and my perception had all changed in a week. It felt kind of like solving a puzzle to try to finish what I was seeing last week. I ended up taking lots of liberties and changing some things  significantly. I hadn't realized how hard it was to return to the scene.

When Deb posts her sketches from today, you are likely to notice that many things are different from what you see here. Don't look too closely!


  1. Love the bright colors in this--it definitely looks like a summer scene!

  2. Oh, what fun, though! What an exercise in perception. I'd like to try this color first, lines later method. I like the effect. I wouldn't worry about the documentary accuracy of the sketches if I were you!