Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Electric...

... or at least it was electric, or rather an electric supply warehouse. Now, it's just a decrepit, burnt out, shell of a building. It might not function as much, but it's kind of cool to look at it. The collapsing walls, bent and rusted metal, old boilers, and graffiti strewn walls have become the subject for many a photographers' lens and this past weekend, many a sketchers' hand. Not being one for too much architectural drawing, the dilapidated building held my interest long enough to get off this one sketch. It was great to see everyone's sketches and see the different styles and techniques. Always inspiring. Until next time...
Taylor Electric, East Side Door Way, watercolor in moleskine watercolor sketchbook.


  1. Nice color Marco. I have liked all of iterations of this building so far...sorry I missed the outing.

  2. (I'm going to have that song in my head all day now..."It's Electric!")

    I love the view you chose, and you captured the crazy angles of those window panes perfectly--it's crisp without feeling "fussy" at all. Bravo.