Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hood River and Mosier OR

 Last weekend I traveled east to Hood River to tag along (for a day) with the plein air painters participating in the Columbia Center for the Arts 5 day Pacific NW Plein Air 2012....of which a couple of our local usk members (Celeste Bergin and Bill Sharp) were juried in.  The first day everyone gathered at the Gorge White House on Rt 35 out of Hood River.

There was a quintessential view of Mt Hood and it may be a little cliche but it was there and I was there so.....

 Although a sunny day there was also some wind and I got quite chilled doing the sketch of the tractor below.

Tractor with Plein Air painters in background

 The next day I was in Mosier sitting on a rustic bench with my tea and sketching the view across the old Highway road, Rt 30.

Mosier Gas Station

panorama view including the Mosier Fruit Growers Bldg and 10 Speed Coffee House

 I don't get out to this area very often and I wonder why because it really is a short drive to get there. And the scenery is spectacular and it is wonderful to be in such a different place....different colors, different plants, different views.


  1. These are really lovely, Deb, especially the gorge White House. I like how you handled the trees and shrubs. I wanted to get to Hood River to sketch too, but it didn't happen. I agree with you about getting there for different things t sketch.

  2. Most excellent work Deb - inspiring - I was heading out that way myself, detoured to Corbett on old 30 and then got stuck in a traffic jam at Multnomah Falls believe it or the time we got through we were a bit burnt out so didn't make it to Hood River - we did however get some good time at the Vista House - it's quite a structure that I hadn't fully explored before - it could be quite a good place to go sketching. The plein air event goes on all month I believe so I think I'll try and make it out at some point just to have a a look. Thanks for sharing - Cheers, Don

  3. Thanks Katharine and Don. As you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Gorge and Hood River. It was a nice interlude and break from west of the Cascades.