Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goose Hollow

I’ve never really explored the Goose Hollow neighborhood before, so I was excited to go to the sketchcrawl there this morning. But the coffee shop where we met up was decorated so charmingly that I spent most of my time inside, admiring the artificial crows. * Nunca había explorado la vecindad de Goose Hollow mucho antes, así que estaba muy entusiasmada assistir al sketchcrawl ahí esta mañana. Pero las decoraciones dentro del café donde nos reunimos eran tan encantadoras que pasé la mayoria de mi tiempo adentro, admirando los cuervos artificiales.

Realizing that it was a beautiful sunny day, I took a quick walk around the block and did fast doodles of pretty decorations on people’s porches. * Me dí cuenta que era absurdo estar adentro durante un día tan perfecta de otoño. Rapidamente pasé por las casas históricas y dibujé las decoraciones en las porches.


  1. when I saw that top sketch I was wondering about those crows... decoration or pet. Reading your entry I realize they're decoration, you're rendering makes them look quite lively. Wish I could've made it out today. Great day for being about and about.

    1. The fake crows are pretty realistic at first glance--made with real feathers, even--but their plastic toes don't even pretend to grasp the branch that they are nailed to! I want to find a copy of the complete works of Edgar Alan Poe and leave it in the chair below the crows...NEVERMORE...

      Oh, the weather was stunningly nice today. Hope you are having a good weekend!

  2. I love the subtle color changes you have in the crow drawing. I'm glad you didn't emphasize the foot nails! It was a pleasure seeing your drawings up close. It was fun to sketch today but we forgot to practice our espanol! Thanks for keeping us organized.

  3. The room scene really brings you into that space....and I always enjot your vignettes too!