Friday, June 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Item 28, "Hung Far Low" sign

Quick-ish watercolor squeezed into a gap in the day. Not quick enough to be loose and free, but not long enough to have all the detail that I was dreaming of putting into it...

The clouds were messing with the light, I think I would like the result better if I had been able to really count on some cast shadows to give things more form. But it was certainly fun looking at all the colors of the old buildings.

If I were to start this one again, I'd do a super-close-up of just the top blue & gold section of the sign against a background of stormy gray clouds. That's the part of the scene that appealed to me most, the vivid colors and interesting geometric shapes superimposed on gray washy chaos.

PS: In the spirit of egging everyone on, I just noticed that I've posted 14 of the 30 scavenger hunt items. Almost halfway there! How y'all doing on your lists?


  1. Hi Katura. I like this version just the way it is...the sign is very interesting and has great graphic quality but the street scene really does it for me.
    And thanks for the egging on. I have been grasping with getting back into the scavenger hunt items list and with your encouragement will strive to get out there and start ticking those items off!

    1. Thanks, Deb! I feel like I still have a lot to learn about drawing street scenes, but it was certainly fun to give it a shot. And I'm eager to see what everyone else (including you) does with the sign--should be especially fun to see how landmarks like these get interpreted by so many different people.

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