Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scavenger sketching

Last Tuesday Linda,Vicky, and I were downtown working on the scavenger hunt list. The first sketch was done inside Elephant's deli on Park. The yellow ribbons tied on the sacks of cookies one the counter caught my eye so I chose to sketch this scene. I left out the people because no one would hold still!

The Portland sign was next. Looking up and trying to catch the right perspective is a real challenge.

The umbrella man was also a challenge and I would like to try this one again. In made him look too short and gave him a baggy suit and a teeny nose.


  1. Katharine, I love how your clean and lovely b+w ink work is highlighted by these touches of gold and umber. What a gorgeous look!

  2. Your Elephant's sketch looks very inviting! I really like the the sign with the surrounding background, too.

  3. Hi. Greetings from Barcelona. I like is way of painting urban art. If you like visit my blog and watch my works.
    Best Regards Celeste