Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mid Week Farmers Market

     Wednesdays Farmers Market is on in the South Park Blocks close to the Portland Art Museum.  I saw the sign yesterday while I went to see Rothko. Decided to come back this morning to do my first Scavenger Sketch.  One down and a bunch to go!


  1. Carrie, this is really nice. I love the colors that you used, with that little bit of red peeking out. Terrific composition.

  2. Thanks Vicki, looks like you had some fun out there too.

  3. I really like how you represented the trees. Nice flow.. I love how this scavenger hunt has gotten people posting bunches of new stuff to the blog!

  4. Thanks Marco, I couldn't agree more about the new 'life' brought to the blog. Three cheers to Alanna for soliciting a list!


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