Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday Sketch Crawl

Went out with the group for the first time and really had a good time. These two drawings were done at the Architectural Heritage Center. On the left is a stone entry ornament and on the right is an original light fixture from the Convention Center.

The drawing on the bottom is a sketch from inside The Side Door, the bar where we had lunch. It was nice to meet everyone and check out all the sketchbooks.


  1. These are really nice, Marco. I especially like the guy in the plaid shirt. I'm glad you joined the group for the sketchcrawl. Hope to see you at the next ones.

  2. Marco, Excellent sketches! I like your interpretation of the cast-stone lady. You got the crackling, pealing surface really well. (I wasn't brave enough to try that!) The guy at the bar is really good too. The colorful shirt makes the sketch really lively. Hope to see you again at another crawl.