Sunday, February 3, 2019

Scavenger Hunt - first few finds!

Today I met up with fellow sketcher and nearby neighbor Kay at Common Grounds coffeehouse, where I grabbed my first scavenger hunt items:

Item 1: someone drinking coffee

Portland - Common Grounds Coffeehouse

Item 2: a heritage tree

We then walked around the corner and located Heritage Tree #193 -- a European Beech. As we talked about how to capture it, a neighbor came out with his elderly corgi and let us know that the tree covers four different yards. He was very aware of having a "Heritage Tree" there and seemed very fond of it. "It's like six different trees in that one tree."

Portland - Heritage Tree

Item 3: your neighborhood library

Next we wandered over to our neighborhood library, which is Belmont Library. There were many people wandering in for a few cozy moments among the books or newspapers, and parents bringing in their children to return their books.

Portland - Belmond Library

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