Friday, February 1, 2019

Scavenger Hunt Blog Challenge

We haven't done a scavenger hunt for years, so we're going to try one again.

Here are the rules:
Get out and sketch as many things on the Scavenger Hunt List below (one item per sketch, please) and then post to the blog. The person with the most scavenger hunt items posted on the blog by the end of the day on April 30, 2019 will get a prize.

If you can't currently post to the blog and you want to, email me ( or one of the other admins.

  • your neighborhood library (interior or exterior)
  • dogs in a dog park
  • spring blossoms
  • a MAX, streetcar or bus (interior or exterior)
  • a heritage tree (map)
  • a face from above or below
  • two people in conversation
  • a meal or snack (or the remains of one)
  • a Benson bubbler
  • an ink drawing, done without a pencil underlay
  • light media on a dark background
  • something under construction
  • someone drinking coffee
  • an artwork at a MAX stop
  • something left over from the Louis & Clark Exposition 
    • full map 
    • much shorter list:
      • The NCR building, which is now:
        • McMenamins St Johns Theater & Pub
        • 8203 N Ivanhoe St
      • The American Inn, the dining hall of which is now the
        • American Inn Condos
        • 2129 NW Northrup
      • Coming of the White Man, now in Washington Park
      • Sacajawea and Jean-Baptiste, now in Washington Park
      • The Masonic Building, which is now a residence at
        • 1209 NW 26TH AVE
      • The Fairmount Hotel, which is now the
        • Historic Fairmount Apartments
        • NW 26th between Upshur and Vaughn

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