Saturday, June 18, 2016

At the Fields in NW Portland

A very nice group of urban sketchers arrived at the Fields to sketch today. The park was filled with activity; like the Ciderfest, children in the play area and people with their dogs. But typically I ignored all that and instead looked out toward the buildings and construction!

The morning sky started out blue with white wispy clouds and then progressed to darker grey clouds with just a bit of wispy white. I tried to capture some of that in this last sketch as it started to rain.


  1. Deb, these are wonderful! I don't know how you get so many lines and so much paint down in a short amount of time, turning out wonderful compositions in every one. I may just watch you instead of sketching next time!

  2. I meant to comment that the clouds were well worth watching that day when you used the excuse for only producing one sketch to my several.
    I have been making a point of not spending a lot of time on my sketches...hoping that will create a more expressive line. Who knows if that is working??