Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Outside and Inside Sketching

It may look like I'm getting the jump on next month's Tilikum Crossing sketch crawl, but actually, I was just out enjoying our somewhat sunny day on Monday. It was my first time walking over our newest bridge. Afterwards, we got coffee at Elephants on the west side and I sketched the view from there. I'm eager to come back next month because the sketching possibilities look great.

Here's my sketch from last Saturday's sketch crawl at Union Station. If you were one of the two dozen or so people who came out for this, you might realize that this sketch was black and white when we shared sketchbooks.  I added the watercolor at home. If you're one of the sketchers shown here, please excuse me for taking liberties with your appearance as they were unintentional. It was a fun sketch crawl and it was great to have so many people join in the sketching and then the lunch and sketchbook sharing.

This last sketch was made at f&b, the cafe inside Rejuvenation Hardware. I took liberties with these people, too, adding a beard on the barista and combining parts of other people for the customer. Those were intentional coverups to fix mistakes made trying to draw quickly moving people.


  1. I like that you have added a very nice font to your Union Station sketch. You have been busy too....nice to see your take on Tillicum and Rejuvenation!

  2. Hello Vicky, If there was any way you could send me an email so i could ask you a quick question that would be greatly appreciated. I really love your work. Thank you and I hope you get this. My email is