Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First sketch

Finally made it to Tabor Bread to see Rita's Portland Sketches. It was hard to decide on which one to purchase, The Envoy with the lovely autumn trees was my favorite to start but then I saw the full scene of the Port of Portland  taken from the Bluffs and it was decided. That was the one!
After we made our Rita sketch selection Vicky and I enjoyed a beverage and sat down to do our own sketch.
This is my first sketch of 2016...hoping this will be a very good sketching year for me and for all of my usk sketching friends!!

watercolor pencils and Noodlers Kiowa Pecan Brown ink


  1. Deb, this look great on the screen, too. I really like this combination of water soluble pencils and ink. They give the sketch a warm look that is so appropriate. This sketch really shows the space: the nearby table, the lofted ceiling and all the way to the busy baker in the back.

  2. This looks so cozy and inviting, Deb. I think that ink works so well for you.
    You and Vicky are off to a good start!