Monday, November 30, 2015

Sketching Around the Central Library

Even though it was cold, I set out to find a spot in the sun...hoping for the side benefit of an good view.  I soon found that the canyon-like streets of downtown were mostly in the shade, including the spots with the most interesting vistas.  Finally I noticed this cupola sparkling in the sun behind the shaded buildings, and found an unobtrusive spot to set up my stool on the sidewalk where some rays were coming through.  My fingerless gloves served me well while I sketched...I didn't notice that my feet were almost numb until I tried to get up!
I used a cool grey to shade the cupola in the distance, and warmer shades of grey to bring the buildings closer.
This Elm tree in front of the Central Library was begging to be drawn...and I could do it from the comfort of a coffeeshop!
It's always enjoyable to meet up with my fellow sketchers, so thank you for the opportunity!


  1. Glad to have this second look at your sketch from Saturday's outing. I very much like your use of the cool and warm greys to delineate the various shadows. Something to remember when I am faced with a similar situation.
    The tree sketch is very like the delicate touch of your botanicals...nice!

  2. Janene, these look great! I still love that sky behind the cupola. The tree with it's grateful twigs looks very alive. I'm so glad you posted these and also that you explained about the cool and warm watercolors.

  3. Thanks, Deb and Vicky! I feel so lucky to get to sketch with you two, and all of the other lovely sketchers on our crawls.

  4. Your WC really conveys the cold November day. The blue sky and warm/cool greys really make this happen. I agree with Deb, the delicate drawing of the tree echoes your botanical work.